Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hellracer 5

If Ray wouldn't have
gotten a flat.... Cody took 1st.

Fifty cent hot wings
Fifty cent beers
Jello Shots
Bike racing
What more could you ask for?

Fran & Monica

You kicked some ass Pa Gypsy!

Jake got 2nd!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

These are older. We've been slacking on the site.

Thanks DBRB!
I got 5th in Women's.
Jake got 5th in Men's
Paul got 6th.
Hyena was MIA.
Super fun.

More Cowbell

Super Powers? Yep, I think so.
Gypsie P's got em too, but his shoot out of his forehead.


I throw random pics of me in just so people know that I was there too.

Jake not only won the fastest lap but he got the slowest too.

Monday, April 27, 2009

After refueling at L13 and meeting up with our commrades Sore Bloke and Jack Daniels we set out for what would not be an epic battle. We were off to a bad start with Hyena taking a digger right out of the gate but with laughter and team work we slowly made it to the battle grounds, and so by the power of greyskull, one sixteen ounce PBR and a groovy bottle opener we battled that evil troll. we faught long and yes even hard but to no avail the repuclicans won again. Now we are left here broken and drunk.

Just a couple of shots of the destruction
and the pissed off natives.

After a few glasses of free wine we set off to meet up with Sore Bloke. It was turning out to be such a wonderful afternoon, when all of a sudden gypsy Hyena falls into a giant sink hole. There is only one thing that could have created such destruction, the Bill Sali troll which is notorious for destroying bike lanes and rivers. I had to muster up all my courage and follow hyena into the hole. The only way to escape the republican troll was with bikes and whiskey so we needed to find some whiskey. I grabbed hyena by his boot straps and we made haste... Sore Bloke would surely help us defeat the troll.

Everything started out so peaceful and innocent. Aly-isis-gypsy-queen invited gypsy hyena and I to her plant sale at the Botanical Gardens. Everything that the Gypsy Queen had worked so hard on over the past year, was on display and for sale. It was very impressive and beautiful. It made me very proud to be married to such a talented and beautiful horticulturist. Sooner or later the deviant drunks that hyena and myself are, found the tent with free wine.....